Petrovietnam Power Engineering Co.,jsc (PVPE) is a subsidiary of PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power), a member of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN)
► Formation and Development: 

PV Power Engineering was established in October 2007 with the founding shareholders include: 
+ PetroVietnam Power Corporation;
+ Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2; 
+ Vietnam Power Resource Partners Corporation. 

PV Power Engineering became oriented design consulting company specialized in the field of design consultants hydropower, thermal power, wind power and the most efficient for the investor. 

The Company applies the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 and applying modern IT systems served for executive producer in the company. 

The company has built up a network of senior professionals in almost every field of expertise. At the same time cooperation with many units Consultancy, Construction and equipment supply domestic and overseas deployment allows efficient and successful implementation of complex projects and large scale. 

► Mission: 

  "Develop PVPE’s brand, provide the engineering services in the power firm with the highest quality to meet the increasing demands of customer "

► Vision: 

"By 2020, focused on building the capacity of technical experience and financial-technology in the fields of business, compete with other domestics companies in the same field" 

"The period up to 2025, becoming the dynamics consulting firm and high efficiency on Technology and Finance, compete with other companies in the same field in Southeast Asia." 

► Slogan: "Design into Reality" 

► Target:          

Build up and developing PVPE to be a strong engineering company both at home and aboard. We focus on engineering and consultancy services in the Power sector as bellow:

              1-Hydro Power and Wind Power; 

              2-Civil Engineering, Industry, Thermal Power, Infrastructure; 

              3-Grid Connetion; 

              4- Implement EPC for small package like: BOP system in the Thermal Power Plant, Power transmission and Substation

              5-Bidding Consultancy, Supervision and Project Management. 

► Motto:

PV Power Engineering is collection of engineers which are dynamic, enthusiastic, creative in the firm of power projects. Each discipline/ Consulting center is the basic to form the strength of the company. With each project, PVPE create a professional organization as the project requirement to ensure to bring the best solution to the custommer.

The research of each engineer is encourage via team work, in accordance with the procedures / regulation of the Company. The engineers will be responsible for their work, including technical, quality control and rigor in moderation is the top priority aims to bring the best result. 

Each member of PV Power Engineering is an important link in the process. The perfection of each factor is the perfection of PV Power Engineering. Working together, combining talent and richness of ideas, encourage PV Power Engineering creates new opportunities and innovations in work design consultancy specializing in the power industry in Vietnam.